CoulombJS is an open-source framework that aims to simplify the development of applications that:

  • Focus on data entry and management
  • Deliver custom-tailored user interface appropriate to problem domain
  • Under the hood, use a structured format such as YAML to store data
  • Version data using Git
  • May be used in a potentially collaborative way
  • Support macOS, Windows and Linux from a single codebase
  • Do not require the end user to install any other software

Among notable use cases for such applications are CMS for statically generated websites, multi-language vocabulary management systems, and various applications for operating enterprise datasets.

Use and contribute

Tech stack

CoulombJS is built on top of Electron, uses TypeScript as primary development language, React components as UI building blocks (with Blueprint as a default component library), and Isomorphic Git for interacting with Git repositories dependency-free.

Using CoulombJS


Glossarist is a terminology management solution with standards bodies and enterprises in mind.

On screenshot is Glossarist instance with ISO/TC 211 Geolexica database open.